The goal of the curriculum is to motivate students to learn and develop their basic skills, we hope to instill a love of learning that will carry them through life.

Goals of the Educational Program

To develop in each student, self-confidence and the ability to learn well.

To develop concentration and focus.

To create a positive relationship between the adults and the children to better their social skills.

To recognize the unique individual characters in each child.

Create an atmosphere of freedom to develop each child according to his/her potential.

Throughout our program, we take special care in the development of each child, seeking to promote core values in a professional and safe environment.Our main teaching approach is based on the learning centers methodology, where each classroom is equipped with didactic materials and resources that will make the students explore the different areas of learning in a pleasant way and preparing them academically, physically and emotionally for their future years of learning.


  • Classes will be organized according to the student’s ages: 3-4, 4-5, 5-6 years old

Learning centers

Math-In this area, the student will participate in a variety of activities in which they will learn according to their age group. Some of the subjects to be taught include: shapes, counting, measuring, sorting and classifying, learning the time, addition, subtractions, etc

Art:The children will participate in different art techniques, using diverse materials such as: paints, brushes, plasticine, paper-mache, colored pencils, scissors, etc.

Literacy-Every classroom has a dedicated and comfortable reading area where the pupils will have access to different books in Albanian and English language to develop their reading skills according to their level.

Science-In this section, the children will be able to be in contact with nature; they can also participate in experiments such as exploring, weather forecasting, gardening, etc.

Blocks-This learning center offers toy building materials and equipment that will allow the child to build, create and present their experiences from playing with the blocks. The child will develop his imagination and locomotive skills. They can create new things such as towers, bridges or more complex structures with blocks, cubes, poles and other materials that this center will offer.

Playing roles-Through acting, children can learn to identify specific patterns, roles and situations that are within their immediate environment. Through dramatizations, role-plays and interpretations, children develop positive feelings about themselves, enlarging their worldview and how they relate to it. Basic equipment in such a center will include a background setting with its elements and all the materials that children need to interpret roles. The success of the plays in this center will depend on creating specific conditions for each play, combined with the guidance of the teacher and the active participation of the children.

Physical education -The children will have the chance to learn to understand their bodies and individual physical skills through this time.

Sand and Water-This time will provide the opportunity for the kids to use all their senses. During this time they will be participating in many different activities involving sand and water and other earth elements.

  • Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are programed according to the topic specified in the curriculum. Once a month pupils will participate in different activities such as: group visits to the Zoo, Farm, Parks, Sport days, Picnics, Birthday Parties, Art Expositions, Water days, Recycling and Science fair, International fair, and many more.


This section will be developed in English. The children will hear stories based on important character values and will learn practical lessons that can be applied in their daily life.

English language:

English classes will be offered on a regular basis. A native English-speaking teacher will be provided to cover this timeframe with the students. In addition to this class, the English language will be integrated in other activities like storytelling, songs, and games.


Our focus will be to teach the students to cook healthy foods in a creative way through the preparation of easy and tasty recipes. Cooking is a fun way to learn about nutrition, table manners and to provide the children with a variety of fascinating sensory learning experiences.


In the near future, the kindergarten will be equipped with a green house where the children will have the chance to practice growing their own vegetables and flowers. Their involvement in this will significantly enrich their learning experience, as they will appreciate and enjoy their own harvest by the end of the season.