What services we offer:

  • Effective teaching, attention, and quality time with each child
  • Suitable facilities for raising and educating children
  • Classrooms with spacious areas that are separated by age groups
  • Many didactic learning materials
  • All the necessary elements for maximized child safety
  • A common goal of guiding a harmonious formation of each child’s personality.

Providing a warm, safe and loving place to educate and raise happy children.


A professional psychologist will come to the school and be in charge of the pupils who are in need of these services.

Seminar for parents

We hope to encourage and inspire parents by providing seminars with many different topics relating to the growth and development of your child. Creating a harmony between the two main environments of home and school.

Nice and safe environment:

The school is well appointed in a clean environment, fully equipped classrooms, extended green areas and playground.A full day/night time guard is responsible for the grounds safety; the area is also supervised by modern camera systems inside and out of the building, subject to higher security precautions.


Our compound has a safe parking area in front of the kindergarten.

Healthy diet

The institution will provide one nutritious and balanced meal during regular days with no extra cost; in addition, two snacks for full time students and two snack for part-time students.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Milk, Bio Tea, Bread, Cheese, Boiled Egg Yougurt, fruits, Cereals, Milk Milk, Bio Tea, Bread, Butter, Jam Milk,Cereals,Yougurt Milk,Egg,Omlet, Cheese,Oregano,Olive Oil
Fruit Bananas Fruit of the season Pear Peach Fruit of the season

Chicken Soup, Egg, lemon

Rice with Vegetables,Carrot,              Peas,Fresh Pumpkins


Soup with beef and vegetables

Pasta with fresh,tomatoes,onions,olive oil, squash cheese, basil

Lentil,onion, carrots, tomatoes, olive oil

Pure potatoes

Soup with meat, vegetable cream, potatoes, carrots, onions, broccoli

Casserole with pumpkin

Seasonal vegetable dish

Meatballs with vegetables

Salad with season Vegetables





Cake with fruits Crepe, Cheese, Jam Bread,Egg,Cheese,cucumber Sultjash me tërshëre, Raisin,Cinnamon Yougurt with fruits